Why Revive?

Revive began in 2015 as a conversation about the ineffiencies and high costs of the current healthcare system. Robert Morley, Revive’s president and a primary care provider, was facing many obstacles from within the traditional insurance-based practice model, one of which was access to simple IV hydration for patients in need. Due to a number of factors, there were very few options for treating symptoms of dehydration without referring patients to a hospital emergency room — a step that can often result in even the simplest of treatments costing thousands of dollars. 

Revive was created to offer a solution: for a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare models, people could choose to receive IV hydration in the comfort of their homes and avoid the cost and stress of the hospital environment.

With the initial success of Revive and the positive feedback we have received from the Lexington community, we are now incorporating additional ways of rethinking healthcare into our practice, specifically functional wellness with a focus on healthy aging and vitality maintenance. We believe that the traditional insurance-dictated practice model, with face-to-face provider encounters lasting an average of 10 minutes, does not provide enough opportunities to cover the breadth of information patients need to understand regarding nutrition, sleep and stress management — not to mention hormone fluctuations and other impacts on vitality over time.

While Revive remains committed to our foundation of IV hydration, we have expanded our services to offer IV treatments for wellness and chronic disease management, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and in-office wellness consultations including strategies for increased energy and weight loss. Through this comprehensive approach, Revive aims to be a leader in functional and complementary medical approaches to health maintenance and disease avoidance.

About Robert

Robert Morley, AGPCNP-BC, MSN, holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from East Tennessee State University and a master’s degree in Adult and Geriatric Primary Care from Vanderbilt University. He is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). 

An avid cyclist with a lifelong background in athletics, Robert knows firsthand the importance of proper hydration and, along with the help and encouragement of fellow nurse and Revive vice-president Rachel Pokriva, decided to utilize his medical background to develop an alternative option for hydration and comprehensive wellness in Lexington beyond the traditional hospital setting.

Robert Morley

Our Core Values

Promote wellness & restore vitality

Reduce hospital burden & cost

Maximize patient comfort & convenience

Expand services of other providers & clinics

What Our Patients are Saying

As a runner, I log a lot of miles every week and I also work full time as a nurse. I had a race coming up and ran a few too many miles the week leading up to it and had worked some OT at my job. Exhausted didn’t even cover it 😬 this team was so great! They worked with me on when and where to meet them and even though I’m crazy afraid of needles, Rachel got me on the first stick and they kept my mind off of it! (Even found a numbing spray to do beforehand!) The next day my race was a breeeze! Lots of hills but I was very well hydrated and had lots of energy! Can’t say enough good things about them! You won’t regret doing this!

Elesha W.

I went to urgent care trying to avoid a trip to the ER, and the nurse practitioner suggested Revive for IV saline. Rachel was amazing – she managed to get my vein on the first go, without blowing it and while avoiding most of the scar tissue that was built up in that vein from earlier in the week, and she kept me great company during the infusion! I was able to stay at the UTC while Rachel came to me in the mobile unit. Saved a whole lot of time and money, and left feeling much better and in a great mood!

Ali H.

After a fabulous week of travel this summer we found ourselves drained. If you know me at all, you know how particular I am about who I let take care of me, my friends and family.

Rachel and Rob worked with our busy schedules to come to our house and help us recover! Rachel formulated a plan for us, including IV fluids, a dose of B12 (energy boost 😃) and Toradol (for my old bones 😊)! As a nurse, I felt fully respected for my knowledge and as a patient I felt like they really cared about me feeling better! Very reasonable cost, will definitely be seeing Rachel again!!

Carol O.